Welcome, Earthlings!

GIRLS FROM MARS play music from Earth's Swing Era: The songs of Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Dorothy Fields -done as you've never heard them before.  Beautiful and Original three part female vocals are the hallmark of our sound, and we're backed up by the best instrumental musicians around.


Planning Our First Tour in 3 Years!

We are thrilled to say that we're currently planning a tour in the Philadelphia area in June of 2022!   Check out our progress on this website, and also on the Girls from Mars Facebook page.   In the meantime, you can see our videos on the Girls from Mars YouTube channel.  We're looking forward to performing live for you soon!


New Videos

During the pandemic, we've been keeping busy making music.  Since we live far from each other, we have weekly sessions on a computer service called JamKazam, where we can sing together.   This has been a challenge at times, but we've persevered, and our weekly rehearsal sessions have resulted in a bunch of new songs, even though we have not physically been together.  We also learned how to make remote videos, using a program called Acapella, which we have on our cell phones.   Wendi (in Pennsylvania) would record her guitar part and send as a text message to Annie (in Massachusetts), who would add her vocal part.  That was texted to Lauren (in New Mexico), and she added her part.  Then it went back to Wendi, who added her 3rd vocal part.  After that, it was sent to any other musicians who added their parts.   It was definitely a learning experience.... sometimes frustrating, but at the end, we came out with some videos that are nice to have, and we had something to work on during our seclusion from one another.   We've posted a few of them here, and the rest can be seen on our YouTube channel.

 Please scroll down to see more videos. 

Thanks for looking and listening!  We'll hope to see you soon!

 - Annie, Lauren and Wendi