The Virtual View from Mars 

We hope you are all staying well, and finding safe ways to stay close to those you love.   The Girls from Mars band members, who are spread across the US, have been having monthly "Cocktail Parties" on Zoom, just because we miss each other so much.  We were crushed to have to cancel our tour last month!

Annie, Lauren and Wendi recently made a Halloween themed video -  "Jumbie Jamboree", which is now posted on YouTube (see link below).  This song is also known as "Zombie Jamboree", but when we researched theā€¦

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Summer 2013 Tour! 

Sometime between August 18 and 31, Girls from Mars expect to land in the Philadelphia area.  We're just now starting to book gigs and we'll keep you posted!   Looking forward to being together again - YEAH!


PA, NM & NY Gigs in June 2012 

We'll be flying back to New Mexico to play at a private event on Tuesday June 19th, and are hoping to book something on Monday June 18th so that we can see the folks we met on our first trip to Santa Fe in October. Will keep you posted. We have gigs booked in the Philadelphia area the week of June 25th, and have tentative plans to play at a wedding that following weekend, and possibly a dance in the Hudson Valley NY area. I'll update the website as things develop. Thanks for checking!!

Girls from Mars invade Santa Fe, NM! 

Well, pretty soon we'll be flying to Albuquerque, NM -  home of Girl from Mars, Lauren Janson!  Starting on Friday, September 30th, we'll be doing gigs, appearing live on the radio (stream it live on, making a video to put up on our website, and having new promo photos taken.   Oh yeah - and besides making beautiful music and LOOKING beautiful for our photos... we also plan to do lots of laughing, eating good food, and doing a little sight-seeing.   Whew!   A lot to cram into 5 days!

June Tour 2010 

Well, its official - Girls from Mars is coming to the East Coast (Philadelphia Area) June 12 - 18, 2010. We're also planning a tour of the Santa Fe, NM area in October of 2010. Stay tuned for details!

GFM Booked for the DC Swing Dance June 6, 2009 

Well, we've got our first date for the June tour booked. Will keep you posted as we add more dates. Let us know if there's someone you know who is planning a wedding or other private event during this time period... we'd love to do it!


Hi All - Wendi here... I'm already booking dates for our June 2009 tour in Philadelphia... check back - I should have some things posted early in September. Keep us in mind if you have friends getting married or having a big anniversary~

GFM Earth Bound June 2008! 

Starting with a performance on Thursday, June 12, Annie, Lauren & Wendi will be performing in the Philadelphia area all weekend. Stay tuned for other Earth Gigs in the area and contact them if you have suggestions for a gig!