The Virtual View from Mars

We hope you are all staying well, and finding safe ways to stay close to those you love.   The Girls from Mars band members, who are spread across the US, have been having monthly "Cocktail Parties" on Zoom, just because we miss each other so much.  We were crushed to have to cancel our tour last month!

Annie, Lauren and Wendi recently made a Halloween themed video -  "Jumbie Jamboree", which is now posted on YouTube (see link below).  This song is also known as "Zombie Jamboree", but when we researched the song (thank you, YouTube - what did we do without you??), we found that the first recorded versions of the song were about Jumbies - the Caribbean version of zombie, more or less.  We largely went by the version of Jumbie Jamboree recorded by King Selewa and his Calypsonians in 2007.  There's a pretty cool article about the song here:   See below for a link to the GFM version.

We have been rehearsing on a program called JamKazam, which allows us to log into the JamKazam website, and with the aid of some inexpensive equipment and our microphones, we can sing together!   There's a bit of latency, due to the distance, but its tolerable enough to learn new songs.  It now has a video element, so really feels like we're getting together.  We're loving it!

Working on more videos, some of which should be ready next week, on Youtube and on the Girls from Mars Facebook page.  In the meantime, thanks for checking in!